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  • Seth Osei-Kodua

Thinking of Switching Jobs?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The season is favourable for you to make that reasonable and bold decision. Do you know, 47% to 54% of employers look to hire at the beginning of every new year? Do you also know that 80% to 87% of employees become job seekers at the beginning every new year? Take advantage now while employers seek to increase productivity and expand operations.

Be careful with your decision-making process. Salary should not be the only factor in the job switching decision, say’s human resources consultant (Rita Kusi). Even though you would be taking home a bigger pay cheque, you could be uncomfortable in the new working environment if proper research is not done. You could be accepting a job that offers more cash but less generous employee benefits like health, retirement plans, vacation time, among others.

It is always good to do an excellent research before you accept a job offer. Here are four key factors to consider.


How favourable are the working environment to your corporate values and work ethics? For instance, communication might be a vital part of your career advancement. Observe if communication between the various levels of management is encouraged. Ensure that the working environment is collaborative enough to promote teamwork and increase productivity. If professional growth is your priority, then you might seek an employer who is interested in this.


As stated earlier, the focus of benefits should not be based on the salary only. You will be accepting an offer with a good pay cheque but fewer employee benefits. Other benefits such as detailed insurance, a vision plan, continuing education reimbursement, disability insurance, maternity leave, flexible working hours, good pension policies among others must be considered. Compare the above benefits to that of your previous company before you make a move. Do not forget, the retirement package matters.


It is equally important to think about how the new job will fit into your lifestyle. Even though you will be enjoying other benefits, you could be interfering with more important commitments or priorities in your lifestyle. For instance, if you are like me, lateness reporting to work always lower my morale. Ensure there is an easy commute. Observe if the job offer puts you closer to achieving your long-term goals as well as your short-term goals. This will give you some peace of mind.


‘TIME OFF’ is another relevant issue. Before you switch, find out if there is room for vacation and leave. How many vacation and leave time will you receive annually? Access the employer’s policy on leaves as well.

Do not forget to envisage how the new work environment will create room for you to attain a higher certificate for career advancement. In doing all these, access how your presence will affect the future and sustainability of the company. Don’t just switch, be cautious!

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