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Digital Marketing and Branding Solutions

Our M&B team provides social media management, content creation, and branding services to give your business an online presence and offline visibility.


From building to managing your brand, we provide consultation along each step of the process.

Stang-up Meeting

Get Brand Development and Management solutions

from our Digital Marketing Consultants

The advantages of working with us: 

We provide a wide range of marketing and branding services which includes

  • Corporate profile design and development

  • Email marketing

  • Social media management.

  • Website design and management

  • Search engine optimization

Additional Services: 


Our team of trained professionals are available to create (design and develop) and manage a variety of websites, which includes:


  • Corporate/ business websites

  • Entertainment websites (Music & Video sharing)

  • Blog/Magazine/News websites

  • Community websites (Facebook-like websites)

  • E-commerce websites

  • Portfolio/showcasing websites (for photographers/illustrators to display their work)

  • Hotels/restaurants/Sport websites

Digital Programmer

Web Development

by our Digital Marketing Consultant

Our web designers are also content managers and content providers with technical support ability.

Using html 5, JavaScript, CSS, and CMS to design concepts based on the mission/vision of the company and needs of the client.


Included in all packages are HD Visual graphics, Search engine optimization (highly visible in search engines), and E-mail domain service.​



Shunta Lalet Robinson-Price, Amara Wellness

" KUSI Consulting support our organization in meeting our hiring challenges by finding unique ways to customize solutions in the recruitment process."

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