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Why Employers Today Look For Self-Motivated Employees

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Is motivation really something someone can create for you or should you create it for yourself?

As recruiters, when we look to hire for our organization and for clients, we look for candidates who are self-motivated because we know it will alleviate unnecessary stress.

How can you tell if someone is self-motivated or not?

One way to tell is if the person has any particular interest in the position which he or she is applying and whether or not they are seeking career progression in that specific area. If they are, then chances are they will be motivated to learn more about the role and the sector. Employees who are interested in career advancement understand the importance of taking matters into their own hands because they know what they want. They will be eager to conduct research, seek adequate training and other available opportunities, which will help them to grow in their respective field of interest.

Employers who want to see growth in their employees will, therefore, be more than willing to go the extra mile by investing in relevant programs, events and other initiatives that will aid in the employee’s career progression.

“Employers are not in the business of paying you and also motivating you.”

In today's tough job market, employers are looking for an asset and not a liability. Self-motivated individuals require very little to no micromanagement, they are self-starters with an independent mindset. They are doers who enjoy staying busy and have the ability to take on leadership roles. They are also team players with positive effects on fellow colleagues.

“Motivate yourself because nobody is going to do it for you!”

Let's be honest, it is not always easy staying motivated and drawing up inspiration, However, for your own well being and career success, it is important to find ways to motivate yourself. Stop waiting for someone to motivate you. Whether it is on the job or at home. Considering the fact that everyone else has a ton on their plate and have their own cross to bear.

Here are some ways you can motivate yourself:

  1. Write sticky notes of quotes or phrases that motivate and inspire you and place them all over your room and/or at your work desk.

  2. Create a vision board and make constant updates if necessary.

  3. Watch a motivational video to get your day started.

  4. Join a motivational group.

  5. Follow motivational and inspirational blogs and social media pages.

  6. Attend events and seek out training.

  7. Take breaks at work and speak with like-minded colleagues.

In this digital era, motivation is just a click or phone call away. Imagine what an asset you will be to someone if you found ways to motivate yourself.

Where do you find motivation?

Whether it is through YouTube videos, church, fitness, etc. you are more than capable of taking your life into your own hands. Be an asset to the people around you by being self-motivated.

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