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  • Francisca Baafi

Tips On How To Stand Out At The Workplace.

“Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.”

~George Carlin

What are your reasons for being in that job? How are you living up to your tasks and responsibilities at the workplace?

Many employees have not been able to make a mark when it comes to excelling at their jobs. It is important to make money but let the desire to make lasting impressions and impacts drive you to be a great performer at your job. Whatever your reasons were when looking for a job, now that you have the job, do well to excel in your role at the workplace; work because you want to be an achiever of goals and targets.

Nothing can be traded for that feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment for a job excellently done. That attitude of ‘the company is not mine so I cannot kill myself for it’ must change. Someday you might become an entrepreneur and you would not enjoy it when your employees give the same attitude and do not deliver, as you desire. It does not have to be about impressing your employers so you get promoted (though it is necessary to be promoted at work) but it is about having that sense of fulfillment when you diligently get the work done.

If you do not want to be just another employee but an excellent and indispensable part of the team, check out the following tips;

Know the company and its culture. It is amazing the number of employees who would not be able to tell the company’s mission and vision. It is essential to know and understand the company’s products, services and strategies to help you to perform well in your position and make you conscious of the value you bring on board. Know the rules and regulations and code of ethics at your workplace and do your very best not to break the rules. It is also very important to know whether or not you are a cultural fit for the company you work for.

Know the employers (management team). Know your bosses and supervisors to be able to better understand the kind of leaders they are. The better you know and understand your employers (their way of thinking, managing and acting), the better you can live up to their demands and expectations. You do not have to have a personal relationship with your employers before you do your job well but you do need to know what they demand professionally.

Be a good team player and know your co-workers. To be successful at your job, it is important to be a good team player. How well do you work in teams? Take time to review how you communicate and contribute to the progress of your team. Knowing and understanding your team members gives you an upper hand in relating to them accordingly. We are all different people and thus our way of understanding things are different. Build rapport with your colleagues and know those who share the focus of excelling at work and join forces with them to put your abilities to work. At the workplace, no one lives on his own island so it is advisable to blend in. Have that attitude of “together we stand, divided we fall”. Do not come off as the all-knowing colleague who always wants to be heard but fails to listen to the views of others. Be ready to learn from others and let others learn from you as well.

Exude positive attitudes. Be courteous, respectful, humble but confident, punctual and friendly. Acting professional is also important; know when to be humorous and when to be serious to get things done. Avoid being a gossip and spreading rumors unnecessarily. Do not be the reason for conflicts at the workplace. Build positive relationships at all levels. Encourage and motivate your co-workers.

Be open to feedback and criticisms. It is sometimes difficult taking the harsh constructive criticisms from your employers and co-workers. When you can gracefully take criticisms and feedback, it will help you enhance your performance at the workplace. Do not be envious of colleagues who are doing well in their roles, rather go to them to learn and enhance yourself.

Be innovative and take initiative. It is an added advantage for you to meet your targets and go further to exceed them. You can break the routine by finding new and smart ways to do your work to win the trust of your employees and colleagues. Always push yourself to be the very best. Have you thought of suggesting better ways your organization or department could work? Strive to be the go-to employee at the office. Look out for pitfalls at the workplace and do well to find solutions to problems. Do not be quick to point out problems without finding and offering solutions. Every company values problem-solvers. Try to make sure you are not coming off as all-knowing in your quest to take initiatives and be innovative.

Be ready to help. Be willing and ready to assist your co-workers when they need your help and genuinely offer that help. Helping a new worker to learn the ropes provides great personal satisfaction. Your bosses will realize your efforts and appreciate you in due course.

Learn new skills. Set targets to add up to your skills at the end of the month. Take up courses to learn new skills and do not be left out in workshops and training sessions organized by your employers. Self-educate; learn something new each day. It gets boring after working for a company for long without adding up to your skills.

There is a vast difference between just doing your job and doing your job excellently. Going the extra mile to take steps in filling any vacuum at the workplace is necessary for you to stand out at work. Know the mission and vision of the organization you find yourself in and work towards being that loyal and reliable employee who is indispensable to the team.

You will be sure to win in the end!

At KUSI Consulting we offer HR Consulting and Counseling services, in addition to Employer/Employee Relations Management. Let us help you become an excellent employee at the workplace.

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