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Why It Is Essential to Keep A To-Do List

I don’t know about you but the older I get the more forgetful I become and not because, of old age but because responsibilities increase, which means learning to multitask and, multitasking effectively.

How exactly do you multitask effectively?

In the past, I have referred to my iPad as my assistant. For years, the mini electronic gadget has stuck by my side and played a role in my daily life. It has been my go-to planner. Every Sunday evening since 2013, I make it a point to jot down my weekly activities from Monday to the following Sunday: meetings, events, scheduled phone calls, appointments, bill payments. Name it, you will find it in the notes section on my iPad, which also helps me keep track of my daily spending and annual deadlines.

Here is a sample format of my to-do list under the notes section:

Week of <insert date>


  • 9am- interviews

  • 11am- meeting

  • 1pm- take car to mechanic

Spending for the day

GHC100 gas

GHC50 electricity

GHC20 credit (10 Airtel, 10 Tigo)








<I create another column, which includes the days of the week and repeat the above>

I have said it before and I will say it again, to-do lists save lives. With a to-do list, I am able to keep my life in order, stay focused and ensure my daily tasks are completed. The tasks I am unable to complete are carried over to the next day. In most cases, I make sure tasks are completed by the end of the day.

It is fulfilling to know you met your goals for the day and for the week. Let me just add that you do not need an iPad to help you multitask effectively. Using a notebook or your phone is just as effective. Be sure to jot down your activities immediately after scheduling them and check off your list as the week progresses, this way you know you are making headway.

If you feel overwhelmed with the number of activities to be done, a to-do list directs you to put things in order and in an organized manner. This saves you from tirelessly fidgeting about all the activities that come to mind to take care of; which in the end you realize you could not finish or do well.

A to-do list helps you manage your time properly. Prioritizing your tasks on a to-do list enables you to get to do your very important and urgent tasks first before you get to the important and urgent. You can also keep a column where you add activities that come to distract you from getting to complete your tasks. Just so you know, what gets measured, gets done!

Time spent on writing a to-do list is never wasted.

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