Website Development 



We provide a variety of other services in addition to HR and Marketing services. We have a team of website developers ready to get your business the exposure it needs. 


Web Development


Our team of trained professionals are available to create (design and develop) and manage a variety of websites, which includes:


  • Corporate/ business websites

  • Entertainment websites (Music & Video sharing)

  • Blog/Magazine/News websites

  • Community websites (Facebook-like websites)

  • E-commerce websites

  • Portfolio/showcasing websites (for photographers/illustrators to display their work)

  • Hotels/restaurants/Sport websites


Our web designers are also content managers and content providers with technical support ability. Using html 5, JavaScript, CSS, and CMS to design concepts based on the mission/vision of the company and needs of the client. Included in all packages are HD Visual graphics, Search engine optimization (highly visible in search engines), and E-mail domain service.

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