Substance Abuse Specialist


JOB TITLE:  Substance Abuse (SA) Specialist


JOB FUNCTION: Specialist

JOB LEVEL: Mid/Snr--level


EMPLOYMENT TYPE:  Full-time/Part-time/Contractor/Intern


LOCATION:  Charlotte, NC, USA 

DATE LISTED: June 1, 2022

Summary and Corporate Profile:

Our client, a behavioral and mental health care provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina is currently seeking a Substance Abuse Specialist.

The ideal candidate is responsible for delivering community-based treatment to adults with severe and persistent mental illness and/or substance use challenges. This is accomplished by assessing, planning, coordinating, and implementing evidence-based, best practice substance use interventions to provide non-traditional components of substance treatment, which emphasizes rehabilitation, and community inclusion for CST participants.

Role Description and Responsibilities

       Clinical Role and Responsibilities

  • Facilitation of weekly face-to-face contact with participants, with 75% of contacts in the community

  • Assist with development of Person-Centered Plans, Crisis Plans, and Authorization Request

  • Manages and serves as a primary assigned Qualified Professional assigned to participants of CST

  • Provides direct and indirect care to individuals, their family, and other natural supports to teach behavioral symptom management techniques to alleviate and manage symptoms not reduced by medication management

  • Provides psychoeducation to participants, natural supports with an emphasis on recovery, and de-stigmatizing participant’s illness

  • Assess ongoing the psychiatric, substance use, and behavioral status/history as it relates to specific life domains such as, physical health, education/employment, social engagement/development, activities of daily living, and family structure and relationships

       Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attend and actively participate in weekly Team Meetings

  • Attend and actively participate in individual supervisions

  • Attend collaborations, treatment teams, and agency meetings 

  • Completes/maintains all clinical administrative duties outlined by the state and local MCO, such as the Person-Centered/Crisis Plan, NCTOPPS, Treatment Authorization Request, and as assigned  

  • MUST be able to submit progress notes within 24 to 48 hours of date of service in participant’s permanent record

  • Submit clinical forms, paperwork, and report(s) according to deadlines

  • Submit all Timesheets, Mileage, and other assigned paperwork according to deadlines

Experience and Education

  • Holds one of the following credentials:

  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)

  • Licensed or Associate-level Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS or LCASA)

  • Maintains all required trainings set forth by NC Division of Medical Assistance Clinical Coverage Policy: 8A-6 which is specific to Community Support Team and Amara Wellness, Inc.


Employability Skills


  • Maintains a professional stance with other employees, participants, and all other stakeholders

  • Conflict resolution: problem-solving, conflict resolution, and use of constructive criticism

  • Empathy to colleagues, participants, and stakeholders

  • Able to communicate clearly clinical information in a timely manner

  • Motive and encourage others

  • Able to be self-directive in decision-making related to service delivery

  • Active listening 

  • Collaborate with others based on team model for service delivery

  • Build and foster relationships among colleagues and therapeutically with participants, supports, and stakeholders

  • Represent Amara Wellness professionally at community events, conferences, forums etc. 

  • Be proactive in promoting one’s own self-care and management of stress

  • Ability to make professional adjustments with system changes on a macro-micro level

Technical Skills

  • Basic computer skills for using Microsoft Word

  • Ability to use Electronic Health Record system

  • Writing skills that include sentence structure, grammar, and use of clinical terminology

Interacts with


  • Management

  • All staff


  • Clients/Patients



Salary and Benefits

  • $20 to 27 per hour


Please e-mail your CV & Cover Letter to us at with the subject 'Substance Abuse Specialist' or 'SA Specialist’ or 'CST'.

Please ensure that your CV demonstrates how your experience‚ skills and abilities meet the selection criteria set out above. We will ONLY contact candidates who meet our criteria for the above role description.