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Strategizing the “new norm” requires remote training and coaching

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Today’s technology allows companies to build remote teams for many types of roles. The future of work is increasingly going to be dominated by remote working, which is quickly taking hold around the globe. Thanks to the productive results it delivers to the business.

Remote training for staff is a hot topic right now and that is mainly because it has been thrust into the spotlight in response to the COVID-19 crisis. A huge number of organizations, both public and private, have been forced to adopt a remote training model, but with almost no preparation or lead time. So if you are new to online teaching, or are looking to improve the engagement of your virtual training sessions with staff, then get intact with us now.

In addition, remote coaching is fundamentally a statement of “I believe in you and know you can do this” hence remote coaching provides an outcome of assessing the team and its environment. It focuses on supporting the team's strategic execution, its purpose, size and structure, the capabilities of the individual staff, and the team as a whole. It’s hugely about the team’s leader and his/her team’s behavior. The goal is to build trust as people recognize their interdependencies on each other.

Coaching, however, is about growth. It’s proactive and most effective with its implementation when an employee is meeting or even exceeding expectations, and demonstrating the potential for growth beyond his or her current role. While you can use coaching for employees who need support performing their current responsibilities, employers should implement coaching as soon as they see an employee’s potential for growth — ideally, upon hiring him or her. Again, coaching is about laying the foundation for an employee to learn, grow, and develop in his role to enhance organizational productivity.

At KUSI Consulting, we understand the challenges you or your staff are facing with remote work. If you are new to online teaching or are looking to improve the engagement of your virtual training sessions with staff, then get in contact with us to learn more about how our remote training and coaching service.

Irene Osae - HR Manager at KUSI Consulting.

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