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Staying Productive While Working From Home

Working from home, also known as smart work, can prove difficult and require a tremendous amount of self-control, accountability, and drive if you are not disciplined with a game plan.

Start your day with an agenda and a “to-do list” to keep yourself on track when working in the confines of your own home. Trust us it's not as bad as you may think. It is actually quite liberating.

For our extroverts and those who enjoy going to the office, here are 10 effective tips from us to get you through.

Ready, set, let’s go!

1. First, you have to wake up, dress up and show up as though you were going to the office. But, before you do this get in a little fitness activity.

2. Go for a short walk or run to get the day started. Walking increases blood flow, which is said to increase creativity and productivity. So, if you’re feeling dull or uninspired, it might be time for a quick walk. Working out at home is also optional.

3. After you've dressed to kill, take 5-10 minutes to yourself to reflect on the week you want to have. Do this with a cup of tea or coffee whichever you prefer.

4. Make sure to have a balanced and healthy meal along with your vitamins to boost your immune system.

5. Find a place around the house to make your workstation. Move around if you have multiple places you find comfortable to work.

6. Create a space that reminds you of work adding some of your favorite things ex: pictures, candles, photos, etc. Water is a must! Keep a bottle or glass by you at all times.

7. Start your day with a motivational video or read. TedTalks always seem to do it or LinkedIn articles.

8. Take 15 minute breaks every 2 hours to move about and stretch. If you have a balcony or porch, lucky you!

9. Check on your team and colleagues and share your lunch experience via Skype, What's app, FaceTime or Google hangout. Use this same video conferencing method for conference calls.

10. Last but not least, check your to do list every few hours for progress.

Remember, the trick to successful smart work has everything to do with your ability to stay focused and away from distractions. You will be tested and tempted to watch TV, engage in chit chat with "that friend", and/or frequently log on to your favorite social media platform, but you can fight the urge by keeping yourself on a strict schedule. You are your own boss when you work from home and that can be a good thing.

Now this all doesn't sound so bad does it! Do this for a week or two and it becomes routine. Trust us! We are masters of remote work.

Give us a call +233 54 408 1727 if you need further guidance to work from home.

We are here to Keep “U” Simply Intact.

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