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Our #Lupus Fundraiser Has Officially Ended! Here Is An Update...

On October 10th, 2017, founder of Butterfly Walkers, Inc. Alliance of Hope for Lupus (AHL), Judith Mills, embarked on a journey to create Lupus awareness in Ghana. This year AHL, committed to expanding their mission to establish an interactive community service project called “Saving Butterflies: United We Fight Against Lupus.”

While in Ghana, Judith participated in speaking engagements at the Afuso Nursing and Training Midwefy College in the Eastern Region educating future nurses about Lupus followed by a speaking engagement at the Madina Fire Amour Public School and Ghana Health. She also appeared on several morning shows on UTV, TV3, GTV and Obunu Fm discussing Lupus, the causes, symptoms, side effects, proper diet and other relevant information to help viewers identify and combat the autoimmune disease. It was very important to be able to appear on these platforms and educate the Ghanaian community because of the rapidly growing number of Lupus sufferers in the country. Specifically, the many women and children being affected by the disease.

On Sunday, October 29th, 2017, a team of runners took part in the Accra International Marathon and raced to bring awareness to ‘the silent killer’ on behalf of Alliance of Hope for Lupus (AHL). We are happy to announce that one of our team members came in first place for the 5K run. Thank you to everyone who participated in the marathon!

During her journey, Judith had a chance to speak with to the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana, Robert P. Jackson and representatives at USAID about ways and means of helping Lupus patients in Ghana. We are currently awaiting the involvement of The Ministry of Health.

Judith will personally like to thank those who voted for her to win the Africa Entertainment Awards 'Best Community Award' of the year. And of course a huge thank you to all of our donors and supporters including the Accra International Marathon, Settepani, Lightville Photography, the Nurses of Eastern Region Afosu, Madina Fire Amour Public School, Professor Edmund Delle, Sangu Delle, UTV, TV3, GTV, Obunu Fm, Robert P. Jackson, Nora and the Lupus patients who took part and showed their support. The money raised from our fundraiser will go towards Lupus education and research.

There is more work to be done and with your continued support we know we can fulfill our mission of creating awareness.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Judith Mills at 862-253-3095 or via email at

For more information please contact:

KUSI Consulting


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