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  • Francisca Baafi

Confused and Frustrated About Your Career?

Many people today have jobs alright, however they may feel nothing is happening which can seem a bit confusing. A lot of people work so hard to get a job but sooner or later, they begin to feel stuck without a sense of progression or simply lost).It is not surprising that some people cry themselves to sleep and wish the next working day takes forever to show up.

Do you find yourself saying or asking any of the following?

‘I just don’t feel like going to work anymore.’

‘I don’t feel fulfilled and secured doing my job.’

‘I am not even certain what I want.’

‘Nothing really makes me happy to wake up every working day to prepare for work.’

‘Do I stop this job and look for another that would bring me joy and fulfillment?’

‘I am so confused about the next career move.’

‘I am not even sure if I would succeed and be happy in the next job I decide to do.’

‘I am tired of working for other people; I want to start my own business now but the question is what business because I am a multi-talented person.’

It can seem embarrassing not knowing what exactly you want to do next even when the pressure and thoughts of quitting your current job hits you hard. Nothing is more frustrated than feeling lost as to what career path to take. It gets even tougher when you have had several jobs but you have never really felt fulfilled for various reasons. It is very stressful to lack a clear direction.

Below are some guidelines in choosing a career path that is best for you;

Do a self-assessment test. Think through your abilities, passion and values. It is your job to support your dreams and interests. Believe in yourself, your skills and capabilities, stay positive and stop blocking yourself from putting your ideas to work. How relevant are your skills and hobbies to the job market? Think about all the possibilities and consequences of your decisions and be ready to take up the challenges. There are people who find themselves in jobs that align with their interests but still feel unhappy. You might be used to and tired of the routine and want to have a change in jobs. The issue might not be the job but you. Look out for ways you can spice things up at the workplace so you do not get bored and dissatisfied.

Eric Sinoway rightly puts it,

‘’Find what you are good at, become excellent at it, and pursue opportunities where those skills are in demand.’’

Do not settle for anything that dissatisfies you. It is important to be sure if a job aligns with your interests, values, and their long-term goal or vision for your life. Carefully think through job offers before you take them. Taking up jobs (with financial and emotional security issues) you do not find satisfaction in just because you do not want to be unemployed would always keep you feeling unhappy. You would find yourself jumping from one job to the other if you do not take the time to know what you are venturing into.

Take up different jobs. It is fine to have different career experiences to test out your many interests. You do not get anywhere if you are not committed to anything. Success is not a straight line, but a series of false starts, zigs and zags. Take advantage of different opportunities to learn. It is up to you to stay focused and positive while taking various opportunities. Both good and bad experiences set you up for success. It is fine to make low-risk mistakes along the way to enable you to learn and learn effectively.

Take risks. To be successful and fulfilled, taking risks is vital. If there is a burning desire to try out something, go ahead and try it. Do not be afraid of failure; it is part of success. Maybe after taking up different jobs, you come to the realisation that the skills and experiences gathered in taking up different roles put in the light of an entrepreneur. Take time to think about what exactly you would want to do an as entrepreneur, adequately plan towards starting up. Have it in mind it is not easy being an entrepreneur but it is worth being one when you have great strategies put in place. It is okay not get a 100% certainty or clarity when you start that business idea; when you want to wait till everything is clear, you would be waiting forever.

Speak to a counsellor or visit a career guidance centre. Deciding on a career is vital but may be difficult. It is advisable to seek career guidance and advise. Career counselling enables one to assess their talents, needs, wants, skills, abilities and experiences so as to find the type of job that is a best fit. Counselling may also help an individual sharpen their skills in their job search and in finding new ways to go about their work in order to enable them to find joy and fulfilment in a job.

Surround yourself with supportive people. Connect with people who share in your interests. Talk to people who are in the fields you are passionate about venturing into to get insight about their experiences and challenges. Do well to network. You can benefit from the people in your network; there is a lot to learn from them to climb the corporate ladder or to become an entrepreneur. Attend seminars centred on your fields of interests; it serves as great network resources.

‘’The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it.’’

~Steve Jobs

Everything you do now is for your future; think about it and make the right choices. You may lack parental or guardian support but that should not be an obstacle in pursuing what you want. Use what you have at your disposal and be mature enough to own up to the consequences of your choices. Even if you fail, learn from your failures and turn them into successes. You are better off trying and failing than not trying at all. Finding a fulfilling career is very important because it drives one’s mental well-being.

There are definitely opportunities out there for you. Talk to us at KUSI Consulting and we will help you choose the right career. We offer career guidance, coaching and counselling services. Be sure to contact us!

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