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  • Ivy Agbozo

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast Before Heading to Work

“Urrghhh mum, can we not do this today? I’m late already and I don’t want to waste any second by eating breakfast.”

“Akosua, how long would you keep starving yourself in order to get to the workplace early? You would regret all of this ooh.”

“You’re worrying your head over nothing mum. I’ll be just fine! I’ll see you later in the day. Ciao.”


I am certain this is the normal routine for most people who are working. Most of the people who work daily prefer to skip their breakfast or eat it later than be late to work. It is rather worrying that individuals have come to love their jobs more than their own lives, forgetting that should something happen to them, their place on the job can be easily given to another whilst excellent health lost, is often never regained. So, without much ado, let’s get you started on why you need to eat a healthy breakfast before heading to the workplace.

Eating a healthy breakfast every morning will help to:

Boost your brain

Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning before heading to work boosts the functionality of your brain and keeps you on the right track.

Keep you active

Being active should always be a priority as you are likely to become a burden to your colleagues at work if you arrive looking downhearted. You become active whenever you eat breakfast.

Prevent inability to control one’s appetite

Usually, when you skip breakfast, you find yourself wanting to munch on any kind of food just to keep you going. Before you know it, you may end up eating a lot of junk food because skipping breakfast makes it unable to control your appetite. I have fallen victim to this a number of times.

Prevent a bad mood

You tend to have a brighter mood whenever you take your breakfast because it sets your hormones on the right track causing the energy in the body to be used up the right way.

Energise you for the day’s activities

The body usually converts the food we eat into glucose which is later used to energise us. It is essential that we take breakfast.

Well, these reasons may not be convincing enough to you especially if you are as stubborn as I am but I believe that the thought that someone cares about your health and wealth is enough to convince you, right? After all, we have to stay alive because there are so many people who can’t do without us. Enjoy your week and oh, stop being stubborn and get something to eat! (In Madea’s voice).



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