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Incorporating Work and Fitness

When you have a busy work schedule, keeping fit and staying in shape is often pushed down the priority list and seen as “too time consuming.” No matter how busy you get, staying fit must also be on that busy schedule. It not only keeps you active, it is a smart, healthy living.

Certainly, it is difficult and looks pretty much impossible trying to combine work, life and fitness because these days people have less free time than ever before. In a tough economy where people’s minds are focused on making ends meet, exercise is undoubtedly pushed to the bottom on the list of important activities for the day. Though the twenty-four-hour cycle may not seem enough, there is still the need to get creative and prioritise exercise and wellness routine to reduce stress levels and improve work-life balance.

But the big question pops up: how can a person fix exercising and staying in shape into an already super-packed schedule?” Lifestyle experts say some simple changes can help one balance work and fitness. People turn to be too ambitious in their fitness goals and that is why they think it is time consuming and cannot be fitted into their busy schedules.

It can be as simple as parking a little further away from your office and walking the rest of the journey, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, squeezing in mini workouts while on break, chair exercises, having lunch at least half a mile away from your office among others. Even a ten-minute break for dancing, stretching and walking around the office can have tremendous benefits.

Our work in modern times has been tailored such that we spend most of the time sitting; unfortunately, that is not very healthy. As if sitting for long hours is not enough, our sitting posture is also terrible. We have to ensure the maintenance of a forward head posture with our chairs in the right height to reduce neck and back strain.

There is the need to learn to relax; do not sacrifice too much of your sleep else you will be feeling cranky for most part of your day at work. Nothing can be exchanged for staying fit and being in shape. Consider fitness as part of your job description. Find ways to incorporate work and fitness and you would be amazed at how your productivity levels increase.

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