JOB TITLE:  General Manager

JOB FUNCTION: Management and Business Growth

JOB LEVEL: Senior-level

INDUSTRY: Real Estate


REPORTS TO: The Managing Director

LOCATION:  Accra, Ghana

START DATE: March 15, 2022

Summary and Corporate Profile:

Our client a real estate marketing, investment, management and development company based in Nigeria is seeking a General Manager for their Ghana Office.


The ideal candidate will be responsible for growing the company into an attractive brand with a large market share in the shortest possible time.


S(he) must have led a profit-making project or venture no matter how small.

Role Description and Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing a sound business plan for the successful participation of a new entity in the real estate sub-sector in Ghana.

  • Developing and directing organizational strategy.

  • Liaising with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Overseeing day to day business activities.

  • Acquiring new markets.

  • Strategically positioning the company for growth and financial success.

  • Managing the Ghana team for the realization of organizational objectives.

  • Implementing or finding partners for processes that work in the Ghanaian business environment based on research or standards.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Experience and Education

  • First degree in environmental/ social / computer science or  any of the fields of civil engineering as an alternative.

  • Additional certifications in business or project management are a plus.

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of working experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Computer literate

  • IT savvy

  • Good knowledge and understanding of the Ghana business environment

  • Good communicator and public speaker

  • Good with presentations

  • Strategic thinker, planner and executor

Interacts with:


  • The Executive Directors

  • Departmental heads; Head office managers

  • All staff


  • Clients

  • Regulatory agencies

  • Stakeholders

Salary and Other Benefits

Your starting salary will be GHS4830.81 monthly (before tax) subject to review after 6 months based on performance.

You are also entitled to commission on sales (5%) and recruitment of PBOs ranging from (3, 2, 1%) from deals you close. 


Please e-mail your CV & Cover Letter to us at with the subject 'General Manager-Real Estate’. Please ensure that your CV demonstrates how your experience‚ skills and abilities meet the selection criteria set out above. We will ONLY contact candidates who meet our criteria for the above role description.