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“Digital Marketing: A Beginners Guide” Virtual Training


Date: Tuesday, March, 16th 2021

Time: 9am-12noon EST


The “Digital Marketing: A Beginners Guide” virtual training is for entrepreneurs and business owners exploring social media and content marketing for exposure and business growth. Learn ways to make your business and service offering visible to your intended demographic while growing your community.


Digital and Online marketing are key factors for the future of work. Our customized, practical and informative Digital and Online Marketing training aims at educating businesses on how the various platforms work and how they can use them effectively for brand awareness, to increase sales, measure reach and make a profit. Digital Marketing can be used to attract prospective clients, engage your community and turn them into loyal paying customers.


Training Topics


  • Why Digital and Online Marketing

  • How to use Digital and Online Marketing Effectively

  • Identifying the platform(s) that work for your business

  • What to consider when creating your platforms and planning your content


Training Service Charges


The total cost per attendee is $100 (or cedi equivalence). Includes 15-minute consultation, social media page review, and DIY strategy templates.


This training is virtual and open to 10-15 participants ONLY!


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